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Fast and reliable connections between economic hubs, 
 that’s what our customers are looking for. And that’s exactly what we offer. B.logistics is determined to change 
 the standards in conventional rail freight.

In line with todays fast, digital world, B.logistics develops reliable, flexible and transparant rail products throughout Europe. Transit times are a lot shorter and time of arrival is 
 no longer an estimation but a commitment.

Transformation: from a state owned, loss making freight company
into a sound, private and competitive logistics partner Learn more
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Rock steady ...

It took us 5 years to transform from a state owned, loss making freight department into a sound, private and competitive logistics partner.

Accomplishing an impressive turnaround, B.logistics achieved a positive EBITDA for the first time in 2013 and improved its result for the 5th year in a row in 2014. Through cost control and structural operational optimisations, we have increased our efficiency, quality and safety tremendously.

... ready to roll

Time to change our focus towards you and implement a solid strategy of growth. We are eager to solve your problems. We are organised for safety and reliability. In short, we are in pole position to meet the challenges of the future.

in a nutshell

transported tons
Reliability: the new dynamics of our organization
results in a better overall performance

Our goal:
sustainable profitability

Not only will SNCB Logistics continue its efforts to optimise its operations and streamline its organisation; we strongly believe we have everything in place to reinforce our market position and to grow. Establishing a solid financial basis, driving more cross-border trains in open access or with trusted partners, developing single wagon load solutions and implementing smart technology will give our customers and ourselves a competitive edge.

Our growth path:
your satisfaction

SNCB Logistics aims to become a trusted long term partner for its customers. Closely collaborating with you, our dedicated customer teams understand your business and strive to interpret and adequately respond to your specific logistic needs, while providing you with relevant, accurate and timely information. SNCB Logistics is truly committed to establish a sustainable partnership with you.

A promising future

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. In the coming months, you will get the chance to put our commitment and determination to the test. See for yourself how we do with regard to quality, reliability and price stability.
Here are three promises we make for 2015. 

SNCB Logistics introduces
Green Xpress Network
better, faster, smarter
direct international rail connections.
SNCB Logistics will make
 your work easier and more efficient,
just as you expect.

Cost effective logistics solutions, customised.

SNCB Logistics offers reliable rail transport and logistics solutions, operating block trains for conventional and intermodal loads and providing single wagon load transport throughout Europe. We transport a wide range of goods from raw materials, chemicals and semi-finished products to industrial and consumer goods. We support your supply chain activities with proactive monitoring of shipments, real-time information and transparent administration. Our extensive knowledge combined with our flexible fleet – make us a key partner in today’s economy.

For a wide variety of major European industrial players, we ensure, per week throughout Europe:


Single Wagon Load Trains

Clients who want to dispatch one or several wagons but don’t have the quantity to fill a block train, can choose for Single Wagon Load (SWL).  With Antwerp as our hub, 215 service points in Belgium and 564 points in Europe we are the trusted partner in SWL solutions.


Block Trains

When a customer has enough volume to fill a whole train, he chooses the fastest and most cost effective end-to-end solution: block trains.


Intermodal Trains

Container transport per rail interlinks perfectly with road or waterway traffics and means less harmful emissions, less energy consumption and less traffic on the road.

Dedication: we are truly committed to establish
a sustainable partnership with you

Your Business

The right answers to your precise questions.

Every business has its specific requirements. That’s exactly why we have dedicated customer teams. Our experts speak your language. They understand and can interpret your industry needs. You can count on our experience, when discussing the transport of highly hazardous products, or goods that are exceptionally long, heavy or large. Our expertise is centered around the following market segments:


What matters when wheat, colza, sunflower, oats, barley, and other cereals, sugar and glucose are transported is diligence, experience, flexibility and knowhow. Natural raw materials require unconditional quality and competence along the entire logistics chain – from planning up to performing services. Whether your shipment size is large or small, whether transport, raw materials supply or last-mile distribution of finished products – our specialists have the matching solution for any requirement.

For over decades, SNCB Logistics has developed expertise in transport by rail of agro-industrial products in complete and regular shuttle trains of net 2.000 tons. For JIT transports between customer sidings, we developed high quality transport chains, with specific priorities and back up systems. Especially in this segment, sustainability is key. The innovative rail solutions of SNCB Logistics make sure your transport leaves a low carbon footprint.

Geraldine Leyman
+32 2 4329234

The handling of chemical and mineral oil products require the highest environmental, quality and safety standards upon transport. Europe’s leading producers and shippers of chemicals rely on SNCB Logistics to provide reliable innovative transport concepts for liquids, gazes, fertilisers and granulates. SNCB Logistics has decades of experience shipping chemicals and is focused on enhancing efficiency and safety through the entire supply chain with programs of continuous improvement. Our in-depth knowledge of these commodities ensures that your shipments are always treated with the greatest possible care and professionalism.

Thomas Van Hassel
+32 2 4329533
exceptional transports

From factory machinery, aviation parts and equipment to wind energy products, customers trust SNCB Logistics for heavy loads on long and short hauls. No matter the industry, SNCB Logistics has the expertise to ship your oversized loads (very long, very heavy or large, or highly hazardous products) safely and efficiently. We can also supply the most suitable wagons for certain types of carriage (long and/or heavy products).

Our specialists, who will solve all the details with the managers of infrastructure in Belgium and abroad, will conduct a specific study for each transport.

An Corvers
+32 2 4329210
raw materials

Whether you want to transport ore or coal, we offer specific logistic solutions from the ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge and have a specific wagon fleet of Fals, Fas and Tads at your service.

For scraps transports, we organize reliable and secure transports from the ports of Antwerp, Zeebrugge and Ghent or from specialized scraps terminals in single load Fas or Eaos wagons or in groups of Fas or Eaos wagons.

For short-term projects and long-term operations, SNCB Logistics can efficiently ship large quantities of aggregates to and from quarries and destination yards throughout Europe. SNCB Logistics can ship three to four truckloads worth of your aggregates in one. This reduces the number of trucks on the roads, resulting in less traffic congestion and lower emissions.

Jean-Jacques Pisano
+32 2 4329332

The complex structures of the automotive industry impose huge challenges on logistics services because of a large number of product variants and fluctuating production volumes. The supply chain has to meet high standards in terms of both quality and flexibility.

SNCB Logistics is a reliable partner of the European automotive industry for the transport of raw materials, as well as semi-finished products, like engines, transmissions and car body parts, and finished products. We move thousands of finished vehicles per year from rail siding to rail siding, but also from the manufacturing plants towards the distribution platforms in the target markets in Europe. We offer innovative, customer-oriented and eco-friendly transportation solutions that will make you stand out from the competition. Thanks to partnerships with renowned European rail operators we can provide end-to-end solutions on a European scale.

Stephane Velghe
+32 2 4329527

Rail is the safest mode of land transportation for freight and one of the safest ways to transport hazardous materials.
In hazardous goods logistics, safety is of paramount importance. The accident risk of rail is 5 times lower than on the road. The rail industry has seen a steep decline—on already incredibly low numbers —in hazmat train accident rates since 1980. Specific education, ongoing training as well as years of experience in the mineral oil and liquid gas industries showcase the competence of SNCB Logistics. Moreover, our company is SQAS certified and can help you with our dangerous goods experts (RID).

Stephane Velghe
+32 2 4329527
Thomas Van Hassel
+32 2 4329533

SNCB Logistics operates an increasing number of intermodal trains for renowned European intermodal operators. They count on SNCB Logistics for direct and reliable container transport by rail between European economic centers.

Our subsidiary IFB offers integrated intermodal transport solutions for both continental and maritime cargo transports which are future-oriented with regard to economic as well as ecological aspects. Its extensive European network is available for the trailer, swap body and container transports of transport companies, shipping lines and forwarders.

Niels Muys
+32 2 4329301

SNCB Logistics provides commercial companies and local authorities with a reliable and environmental-friendly solution for the management of domestic and industrial waste challenges with a focus on safety. We take great pride in creating value added proposals for our customers that deliver efficiency and cost reductions.

Judith Van Keer
+32 2 4329521
building materials

SNCB Logistics has developed exceptional expertise in the transport of building materials in all forms and sizes. We offer optimised and reliable solutions at reasonable prices for all national and international transports. Some major rail infrastructure companies trust us with the transport of their goods towards the building sites.

Geraldine Leyman
+32 2 4329234
An Corvers
+32 2 4329210
consumer goods

By working in partnership with our customers, SNCB Logistics develops individually adapted services for their transport needs. Thanks to our lean organisation, we can respond quickly and pragmatically. In conformity with your demands and strictly according to industrial and legal norms we carry out all stages of transport.

Judith Van Keer
+32 2 4329521

In order to transport millions of tons of steel and iron products into the centres of the European processing industry, innovative logistics solutions are required. Producers must be able to rely on secure planning and continuous supply.

With our focus on reliability and JIT delivery, SNCB Logistics is the perfect partner to transport all your steel and metal products, both finished and semi-finished. We take care of all kinds of operations and constantly develop specific solutions that are in line with the supply chains of major players in the European steel industry. We top our transport offering with an extensive range of 4.000 dedicated flat and bulk wagons for heavy industries!

In close collaboration with our sister company, On Site Rail, we provide shunting services at your site in Belgium and abroad.

Jean-Jacques Pisano
+32 495 91 64 90
wood & paper

Paper is a sensitive material that has to move quickly. SNCB Logistics’ environmentally friendly rail solutions ensure your delivery will get where it needs to be safely, efficiently and at reasonable cost. We carry out all stages of transport, strictly according to industrial norms and in conformity with the customer’s demand.

Geraldine Leyman
+32 2 4329234
Judith Van Keer
+32 2 4329521
Organisation: we are client focussed solution providers,

 offering real answers for rail challenges


Dedicated to client satisfaction

Both experienced and skilled, our management team is eager to take up the challenges ahead. They operate as a dynamicand combative team and guide our organisation towards healthy growth in line with our values and vision.


Thank you! We received your question/request and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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capital increase

SNCB Logistics steps up its development with a capital increase

Argos Soditic joins SNCB in the share capital of SNCB Logistics

The Executive Board of SNCB has accepted the offer of Argos Soditic allowing them to subscribe to a capital increase. Upon completion of this deal, Argos Soditic will hold a 66.6% stake in SNCB Logistics.

The deal will help strengthen the financial resources of SNCB Logistics by a total of €70 million, of which €20 million originates from a capital increase by Argos Soditic and €50 million from external financing. In addition, SNCB will convert into capital the convertible subordinated loan of €25 million which it had made available to the company.

In 2014, SNCB Logistics, the leading Belgian rail freight operator, continued its recovery and achieved a consolidated turnover of €452 million and an EBITDA of €11 million.

Argos Soditic intends to support the company and its management in their efforts to develop new services and products, as well as in strengthening client relations. SNCB Logistics’ planned growth is based upon the following principles:

- Placing clients and their needs at the centre of developments. SNCB Logistics works closely with its Belgian and international clients in developing its services, especially single wagonload services. The company will continue to invest in the launch of new products demanded by its clients, including quick and direct rail connections. For this reason, SNCB Logistics recently launched Swiss Xpress between Belgium and Switzerland with further destinations to follow.

- Making rail freight transport attractive, easy and efficient. SNCB Logistics therefore intends to accelerate the ‘modal shift’, i.e. a more important role for railway within the freight transport market.

- Being a solid and dynamic company which, by having strenghtened its autonomy and financial resources, is able to achieve its growth ambitions, supported by the skills and motivation of its workforce.

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Management Team

Luc Duveiller

Safety, Quality and Environmental
Development Director
SNCB Logistics

Geert Pauwels

Chief Executive Officer
SNCB Logistics

Nicolas Leeuw 

Chief Strategy Officer
SNCB Logistics

Sam Bruynseels

Chief Commercial Officer
SNCB Logistics

Yvan de Beauffort

Chief Financial Officer
SNCB Logistics

Rik Vos

Chief Operations Officer
SNCB Logistics 

Johan Gemels

Chief Executive Officer