Our organisation

“Transformation: from a state owned, loss making freight company into a sound, private and competitive logistics partner.”

Sustainable profitability

B Logistics will continue its efforts to optimise its operations and streamline its organisation. Moreover, we strongly believe we have everything in place to reinforce our market position and to grow.

Driving more cross-border trains, developing single wagon load solutions and implementing smart technology will give our customers and ourselves a competitive edge. 

Rock steady

Over the past 6 years, B Logistics accomplished an impressive turnaround. B Logistics achieved a positive EBITDA for the first time in 2013 and improved its result for the 6th year in a row in 2015. Through cost control and structural operational optimisations, we have increased our efficiency, quality and safety tremendously. 

In a nutshell






EUR 456 million





transported tons

Our Management Team

Both experienced and skilled, our management team is eager to take up the challenges ahead. They operate as a dynamic and combative team and guide our organisation towards healthy growth in line with our values and vision.

Geert Pauwels
Geert Pauwels

Chief Executive Officer

Sam Bruynseels

Chief Commercial Officer


Werner Koninckx

Chief Financial Officer

Rik Vos

Chief Operations Officer

“Dedication: we are truly committed to establish a sustainable partnership with you.”

Our international organisation: OSR France

Our subsidiary OSR France is growing rapidly and is in the top 5 of French operators. They are based in Lille, employ over 100 people and have their own loc fleet. OSR France is managed by Olivier Deprez.

Contact: OSR France
Tel:+33 (0)3 20 88 44 41


Our international organisation: B Logistics Netherlands

We recently set up a company in the Netherlands, under the management of Arno Van Deursen and Bregje Nabuurs.

Contact: B Logistics Netherlands
Arno van Deursen - Operations Manager Netherlands
Tel:       +31 (0)655743012
E-mail: arno.vandeursen(at)blogistics.be
Bregje Nabuurs - Support Manager Operations Netherlands
Tel:       +31 (0)6 14864043
E-mail: bregje.nabuurs(at)blogistics.be